More Pictures from the opening reception for Ex Voto Suscepto, 16 JAN 09, SVMC Cancer Center, Bennington, Vermont

Ex Voto Suscepto

This exhibit and all the works it
contains are dedicated to my mother,
Ruby Colleen Lubischer,
who was diagnosed with breast cancer
in 1994. She is my inspiration
and  keeps on keepin’ on!



I wandered out and
bought a turquoise hat
which I wore to dinner
and tasted tikka masala with garlic and cilantro nan
while I studied the paintings of Bonnard.
Next I went to the film about Pablo Neruda, el poeta, el chileno
because you had told me that this film existed,
that it would be playing at this time at that place.
I felt fat, dumb and happy-
like my cells and skin were finally waking up
listening to those pan flutes and poetries
savoring sounds and syllables
licking the inside of my mouth and the backs of my teeth
repeating each word in Spanish
knowing that I would never be the same
“paz, pan, flores, y amor” said the filmaker
and I ran away hearing in my left breast the beat of the Chilean drum
and the screams of Andean children dying in the streets
I am turquoise on the inside.
~Viola Moriarty

Oda a Pablo Neruda 

keep your picture in the birdcage
with the door open in case you want to fly around the room.
Your big soft deer eyes
and doughy face
make me waste time
when I’m supposed to be working in the kitchen.
I imagine you in a coffee shop
writing undying love poems
to women you see walk by.
Making people think you really
know something about living.
You run out of women,
so you write about the salt,
and the tomatoes and the lemon
that some real people are using in the kitchen
to make something real to eat.
Something that will be warm and taste good.
Why don’t you help me get my work done,
so I can rest with you in the cage,
and then go for a fly around the room together?
You can write about the feeling
of the curve of my back against your big hand
and the sweet taste of my breath
and how our love will never end.
~Viola Moriarty

2 Responses to “More Pictures from the opening reception for Ex Voto Suscepto, 16 JAN 09, SVMC Cancer Center, Bennington, Vermont”

  1. 1 Phoebe
    February 2, 2009 at 12:55 am

    I wish I could have been there! so amazing! love you mama llama xxxxx

  2. May 30, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    Jambo, babycakes! I wish you could have been there, too, and actually you were. You go with me, as does your sister, everywhere I go. That’s why I have two shoulders —one for each of your angelic and devilish little reflections–you are such an incredible young woman—beauty, brains, soul, heart, love and honest as the day is long in summer. You and your sister rock! I’m so proud of you. Mamachula
    ps I’m sending you a baby sandwich.

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