Poem: Nigredo


A life that once made sense is breaking apart
rearranging its parts into a new whole

I need a big yellow sign
over my liminal condition
–over my whole damn life–
that reads
“Under construction–Expect delays”

I have no advice to offer these days
no commentary
no comfort

my full-contact eyes
and non-judging heart
have to be enough

Since, from the outside,
the dissolving cannot be discerned–
the Alchemist’s vessel looks the same
throughout the nigredo–

What to cut?
What to keep?

For those answers I need quiet
to hear the beat of my own heart

the lightness of joy, or a deadening thud?

Though you can see me looking out the window
at the distant green mountains
at the view that is closing in
because of overgrowth which must be addressed

and I look still and harmless,
even lazy,
the sputtering reactivity
of chemical reaction is occurring

the darkening is happening
the nigresence
has dangerously and recuperatively begun.

~Viola Moriarty

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viola moriarty

(American, b. 1958)
Modern Expressionist Painter
2012-13 Recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant

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