up from the count

Up from the Count

It takes seven weeks,

Every day is supposed to count

But Don’t count those hatchings before acquiring some chickens

climbing the upside down tree of life

I am the unforbidden fruit—

White flavored Loving-kindness

Solid Red and gold Strength

An odd Orchid in the cold northeast,

Pinkish pale fleshy Endurance and ambition

Splendid Fuchsia petals protecting pods of Humility

Orange you grateful for this rainbow Foundation

I am the Prussian Blue Manifestation

climbing the upside down tree of life

Whirling molecular destinations

on the map of reality

Measure once, cut twice, measure again, and again and again

What to cut, what to keep

Editing is Everything.

DNA, spinning helixes,

stay with the direction of travel—-

Along the tricky Triangulations of integrity and energy

Make ready, prepare the soil,

Influence the factors that are in control

Rain, get me wet

Sun, make me warm

Home, please manifest

Not because I say so

Because this is the way it works.

Emotions look like cuts and bruises,

can’t feel them at all

Shoulders are what ache

the whole abdomen feels empty

Measure the need, try before you buy

I am the unforbidden fruit

climbing the upside down tree of life

Can’t you Help me out– just a little bit?

Kiss my thighs with eyes wideopen

And then bring me sustenance into bed

I want to rest these joints

and sit on this ass

in the unkempt doorway of liminal nothingness

Too exhausted to think

Too tired to fuck

Too fucking tired

Triangle of Wisdom

Up  The abyss

Finally getting to

The root of the situation

I am the unforbidden fruit

Forming on the tree of life

I see without my eyes

My ears have transformed into winged blossoms

And I’ve got no skin on at all yet

Wisdom is whack

Understanding’s under attack

creative impulse Crowning

Cobalt blue and cerulean Manifestation

Tangerine  hued Foundation

Deep pink hollow OF HUMILITY

Beyond the pale of pink ambition and Endurance

Post traumatic purple Beauty

sweaty, bloody strength

silver and wild white Loving-kindness

Understanding umber that’s raw and that’s burnt

I smell like Wisdom’s wife

Fresh from the Creative impulse

Crowning, then

Breathing in and out

The formation continues

The garden brings me

Back to the Garden

I am the ripe and unforbidden fruit

falling upwards from the branches

of the updside down tree of life

after seven weeks.

Viola Moriarty, 2009

This poem is in honor of the Omer group from Congregation Beth El after our seven week journey together through counting the Omer.

First and last insert pages of my omer book for this year:

4 Responses to “up from the count”

  1. 1 Emily
    May 30, 2009 at 10:07 am

    i love this!! however im depraved and never too tired for that. Unless maybe if i owned a candy store…then i would consider.. very inspiring everything else very close.

  2. May 30, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    I ‘ll match your depravity and raise you a couple of …..

    Okay, it’s supposed to be the fruit–a metaphor for whatever manifests into reality — talking through the poem, little sister! You know I’m never too tired for that either. Not even WITH candy store…..I love you!

  3. 3 Mom
    June 22, 2009 at 8:38 am

    Interesting poem, I do like it, even with the use of the f-words. I love you you. You always touch my heart with a smile.

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