Hod shebe Chesed- Humility and Splendor in Lovingkindness

Nachmanovich, author of Free Play, refers to bricolage—making the best we can with what we have—as the highest form of creativity. I agree. My grandmother and my parents modeled for me an intense work ethic along with this gift of being able to create a something from what looks like mostly nothing.

The refrigerator doors come from my friend, Denise, who believes in salvaging things from being disposed before their time and use is really up. Denise encourages me to do as much as I want to….even at the peril of her favorite power tools, her sanity and her safety.

The 2.5 inch wide nude drawings are on scraps of arche paper, already colored from previous incarnations.

What was intended to be an underpainting has become the painting.

Putting these figures in relationship to each other from overlapping and separate sittings and photos was very humbling for me. I pride myself in being an alla prima painter. One shot. Not this time.

The most challenging issue was writing the words with the brush: I even sign my name by scratching the sharp end of the brush into the paint when I’m finished. I can barely write legibly with a pen.

And there seems to be a green border around my painting.

The preparatory notes are collaged to the back of the piece, where usually jars of food would sit.

Sustenance in Exhile. Hod Shebe Chesed. I have humbly done the best I can with this piece. As the light is lessening here in the studio, and I smell that Jon is making my favorite chicken gyros downstairs, I know that I need to recharge and rest tonight with my man and my cat.

And tomorrow we will count together in the yard and the house….cleaning up the sticks in the yard, and cleaning out the fish tank and doing our laundry. Cleaning the bathrooms and the floors. Doing our bills. Preparing for the week. We have been doing these things together for more than 27 years now. Humilty and Splendor in Lovingkindness permeate the domestic chores with which I need his help right now. I am humbled by this, too. I wish I were stronger, less broken.

We make the best we can with what we have. And we do it pretty damn well.

Tonight is the 5th night of the Omer, Hod shebe Chesed, humilty/splendor in lovingkindness.

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