A beautiful life: Back to the garden

Dear Gardners,
It’s been about a year since I wrote you, a little less.  And, frankly I blame you all for my lack of communication—gardening is a full-time, year round job!  But, because of you I have felt appreciation for the turn of seasons here in Vermont in a whole new way. Because of you I love my little red house and little gardens and little life in a whole new way.  I stepped outside just to check on things, and it occurred to me that I was long overdue in sending an update.
After this past week’s recuperating from some knee surgery and contending with pneumonia, instead of snarking at the clover or those pesky weeks that sneak in when I’m asleep,  I found myself just looking out at the gardens, reflecting on last year at this time of building the garden with a little (LOT of) help from my friends.
Since the first breath of spring air there has been one generous surprise after another.   Flowers coming and going so quickly I didn’t get to paint each of them, just marvel at the abundance and beauty with my big mouth wide open.  I have flowers to give, flowers to bring in…….All those bits of things you trusted me with—-well, most of them, anyway—-are really, actually, truly growing and changing and giving over the stage to each other as if this had been planned and timed…..and you know what kind of planner I am (NOT).  My ready, fire, aim style did not seem to bother these strong plants you gave me….quite the opposite.  I think about each one of you every time I tend to them and fight with the weeds and slugs (weeds and slugs=very high score, viola=very low score).  Much of the time it is a complete surprise to me what is coming up next.
And, as busy as Jon is, he has been out there working, too, benefiting from the fresh air and sunshine as well as from the sustenance of fresh herbs and sungold tomatoes, and it is fun for us to make these gardens together now.
I just want to say THANK YOU for letting me dig up your yards, for lending me stuff, for giving me stuff, for helping me haul rocks, for advice, for trusting me with tender, precious seeds and shoots and bulbs and plants….to my dad for making those amazing steps so I could stop falling down the hill to the backyard….and mostly for being my friends and my family.
And if you ever feel like walking around my yard and saying hello to your old friends growing here, just stop on by.
With enormous Love and gratitude,


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”
~Mary Oliver

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