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Trip To NYC

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gessoing boards

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With my BEST assistant, Jon!  xoxo


¡ Feliz días de los muertos!

¡Feliz días de los muertos a todos!

Sugar skull, 2012.



Comrades: Apples and Trees

My mom sent this to me for my birthday, which isn’t until the sixth of September, so I was quite surprised to get the envelope today, and even more surprised to open it.  My mom always says we didn’t get our artistic talents from her, but she’s wrong.  What is it they say about apples falling close to the tree?

Vi’s Birthday Drawing, colored pencils on heavy sketchbook paper, 2012, by Ruby Colleen Lubischer.

Speaking of talented women, check out by Phoebe Moriarty Lev, and, by Anna Moriarty Lev, for their latest funny and beautiful posts.


10 years

I missed my own painting anniversary:  6 June 2002 was the first time I ever held a paintbrush or put oil paint to canvas.  I had gone out at the suggestion of my friend, Stella,  and on that day I knew a door had been opened for me,  and that  I’d change my life in whatever ways it took to walk through it.   Painting made me feel like me, like I was made for this.  All my liabilities became assests, and  my sensitivities and oddities became useful.  From the first day, if my paintings lacked skill  the thing they never lacked was life or honesty.  And that is still true.

Instead of celebrating my 10th anniversary of the first time I ever held a brush to canvas, yesterday I lied here and slept on and off,  recuperating from the stereotatic radiosurgery from the day before, medicated and drinking egg creams sometimes half-dreaming about what I will work on when I get my ass out of this bed (finish espresso lino-cut reduction prints, work on painting of Anna, get back out to plein air work, get back to life drawing.   My daughter Anna and my friend Mari took turns staying near me while I slept the day away til Jon came home.

My life as an artist is about all the days of my life, about my current  identity in this world, and–with or without my permission– it pervades all the other things I do or don’t do.  Even my druggy sleep, even during the radiation—I am painting even when I am not painting.



Emmanuel (life drawing, 10 minutes)

Emmanuel (life drawing, 10 minutes), pastel on Canson colored paper, 12″ x 18″, 2012.


Gessoing MDF boards

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