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Chicago, Chicago

Loved the art institute of Chicago and loved being with Anna and hearing her reading at AWP even more!  Check out her blog for our pics and to see the video of the reading


Cancer Comics by Anna Moriarty Lev

The crossover edition of ArtBitch is available now in the Cancer Comics section of

This one is my personal fav so far, but I love them all!


ArtBitch: Swimsuit Edition by Anna Moriarty Lev


“Art Bitch” by Anna Moriarty Lev

If you haven’t visited lately, then you’ve missed the birth of “Art Bitch” and “Morning Coffee”.  I am guessing you can guess who inspired the spiky haired character in both…… ayup, you got it…..

art bitch

levhardware | April 21, 2011 at 2:48 am |


the painting at Kathycontinues….

Another fantastic day painting at kathy’s this week. Will need a couple more at least on this one….


Another wonderful artist……

Sally Apfelbaum recently curated an amazing exhibit of black and white works about weeds and wildness that I loved….unfortunately it’s over…..but now she’s part of a new exhibit called Arcadia that you will definitely want to check out:

Arcadia Now
Contemporary Art In Country
curated by Tom McGlynn

Christine Price Gallery
Castleton State College
Castleton, Vermont, 05735

April 11- May 15

Opening Reception with Artist Talk – Wednesday, April 13, 4:30-6:30

Gallery Hours Monday –Friday 9am-5pm

“Arcadia Now” invokes the idea of the pastoral past, and combines art in an ensemble vision of what that pastoral idea, or an idyllic place of remove, might look like in the present. Combining photography, painting, sculpture and video, the exhibition addresses issues of nature and human consequence on nature, beauty and banality, and the ideal and the real in both abstract and figurative terms. How do we “see” the country?

The artists participating in the show include:

Sally Apfelbaum
Tim Daly
Alisa Dworsky
Bill Doherty
Ken Ikeda
Justine Kurland
Nathaniel Lieb
Mary McDonnell
Rebecca Purdum
Kiki Smith
Fredrik Strid
Scott Walden
Tenesh Webber
James Welling
Aaron Williams

For more information contact: Tom McGlynn (802) 468- 6047 or William Ramage (802) 468-1266

The middle photo is of Lea, Judy and I at the Weeds and Wildness exhibit……This exhibit made me want to explore more pen and ink and even pencil in black and white….and it made me want to take more field trips with Sally, Judy and Lea.


Must Read!

I rarely read memoirs…and when I do, I rarely like them. So, when I tell you that I just finished–while sitting in the sun on my stoop–a 90 page memoir that made me actually tear up in two places and sob relentlessly in one…..I feel I have to recommend it. The photos alone are worth the trip, but it is the writing that is so pure, direct and drove straight through my brain into my heart, that made me love it. There is something so rare about a few words that make you feel someone’s life energy in a way that is not sentimental, but searing….As a primarily visual and kinesthetic artist, I have great admiration for this gift.

Growing up Italian in Chicago by Lea Bertani Vozar Newman

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